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U get ALOT of food for ur money! It's pretty good too. My fave is the falafel and hummus. My husband loves the salmon platter. I was surprised how inexpensive the salmon was. No complaints about Hummus from me. I recommend it.
M H. "Yelp User"
Yes yes & YES! The falafel pita sandwich is to die for me & no I'm not exaggerating ! My vegetarian lovers this is the place to be! I've had it twice in one day because it's so amazing. The staff was friendly & efficient. I love the fact I can order online & it's ready when I arrive. This is perfect for someone with a short lunch break that way I utilize my time wisely before heading back to the office. Don't hesitate to try it out !
Brit A. "Yelp User"
Excellent food and REALY nice service. I keep coming back.try the sabich sandwich with everything on it! And if you are vegan,get it without the egg. DELICIOUS!
Amazing food and the best middle eastern food. I like the chicken and beef kabob they have a ton of flavor, the tabouli and carrots are always fresh. The hummus and pita bread here are the best in the city!
Eli A
I came all the way from New York City for this place. Loved the delicious falafel in the fresh, soft pita bread with its unique Israeli salads. Excellent food. Recommended to all food enthusiasts.
Ken Aberdean "Google Review"